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Monthly Membership

1510 Hwy 281 #206, Marble Falls, TX 78654   


Massage in Marble Falls!


Balance Massage is your one stop shop for relaxation in Marble Falls, TX. Book a massage to treat aches, pains, stiffness, and soreness. A series of treatments can also treat anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Our award winning Hyperthermic Sauna has amazing benefits for your body from skin brightening to blood circulation and tons in between. Our Lightwave LED system will reverse signs of aging, help control overactive acne and offer area specific pain relief.

New Location!!

Our Services


  • Massage
  • Sauna
  • ​Body Treatments
  • ​Lightwave LED 

​​​ Appointment Hours   

Monday             Closed

Tuesday                12-3

Wednesday          10-5

Thursday              10-5

Friday                   10-5

Saturday              10-6

Sunday             Closed

   OPTION 1 : Monthly 60 minute massage - Recurring credit card charge for $60($10 off regular price) each month.  Unlimited additional 60 minute massage sessions $50 each.

   OPTION 2 : Monthly 90 minute massage - Recurring credit card charge for $90($15 off regular price) each month.  Unlimited additional 90 massage sessions $80 each.

OPTION 3 : Weekly 20 minute sauna session - Recurring credit card charge for $65($8.75 off each                                                               session) each month. 

All options include  10% off on all Balance Massage retail. 

Referral Bonus: Refer a new monthly member and receive a free month of your membership after their 2rd month.