How deep is our massage? As deep as your tissues can take.



It's time to feel better. From chronic pain to stress management, we can achieve your session goals. Our award winning Longevity sauna has an array of health benefits and the Lightwave LED will stop aging, acne, and inflammation in it's tracks.

Local Resources

​If your particular situation needs more intensive care, we have a list of local practitioners that are dedicated to the health and well being of their patients. 

Natural Therapy

Manual treatments,  steam sauna, and LED technology services provide incredibly effective treatments, all under one roof. We also provide a completely natural, custom skincare line tailored to your needs.




Steam Sauna

Melt away pain and stress in a personal relaxing chamber.

Lightwave LED

Non-invasive treatments to diminish wrinkles, moderate acne, and pain.

Tailored Service

​Some massages treat pain, others treat stress. Whatever your goals for the session, we've got you covered.